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( 1 ) Michigan Sunset Car Sticker FREE SHIPPING

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Sunset Photo taken at Duck Lake Beach on Lake Michigan

5" X 5" Removable Vinyl (carwash safe) Die Cut w/ UV Laminate Finish



What I Can Do For You


Social Media Influencer

Need a Social Media influencer? I have taken photos and posted stories of vacation destinations on behalf of Allegiant Air in Florida and worked on a collaboration  for Verizon in Grand Rapids. I can help your brand's social media platform, while at the same time delivering you high quality photos for future advertising. 


Advertising Images

Whether your business needs high resolution images for platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or on a larger scale billboards, I have them... or can take them.  Let's work together!

Content Creator

Don't know what you want? Run it by me and let's create it together. Unique shots are my forté. I also have 20 years of sales experience and a B.B.A. in Marketing.

Wall Décor Product Offerings

NEW - Large fabric prints

Interchangeable Fabric Prints

Lightweight and Sleek - No Glare

Lightweight and Sleek - No Glare


SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) is printed fabric with a thin silicone beading sewn around the edges that fits into edgeless framing. 

Lightweight and Sleek - No Glare

Lightweight and Sleek - No Glare

Lightweight and Sleek - No Glare


Switch prints in minutes / easy storage

Print shown 30"x45"

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Metal & Acrylic Prints

High Gloss Aluminum Photo Prints - ready to hang

16x24, 20x30, 24x36


Wrap or Framed - Ready to Hang

16x24, 20x30

24x36, 40x60

SEG Fabric (frame sold separately)

20x30, 24x36

30x45, 36x54, 

40x60, 48x72


Please email me for price inquiries. I do not publish prices because I often run promotions and give quantity discounts. A personal interaction is the best way for me to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

BEST SELLER-> ArtPrize: Mirror, Mirror On The Hull


As Seen At The B.O.B.

Aluminum photo print / luminescent finish (high gloss, metal shows through)


Available sizes

16x24, 20x30, 24x36


about me

I am a native Grand Rapidian who enjoys everything outdoors. I started using a "real" camera

I am a native Grand Rapidian who enjoys everything outdoors. My journey into photography started in 2017, and ever since my passion has been taking photographs that show Mother Nature’s true beauty, the cities I roam and the people I have met. 

This passion for photography has fueled my desire to travel to distant lands in order to tackle new challenges and to size up landscapes I once only saw in magazines. During the last two years I have stood next to 200 foot waterfalls in Iceland, watched the sun set over rolling waves on the Pacific, explored caves in Arizona that look like another world... and the next day was pricked by a cactus in the desert. My adventures have allowed me to look down onto cites below from the top of mountains in Colorado to looking up watching the dreamy Aurora Borealis dance high above in Alaska. 

Michigan has my heart and is my home, so I continue to do a great deal of landscape photography here. I have had projects in places all over representing companies such as Allegiant Air, Experience Grand Rapids, Verizon, and Coca Cola with Pure Michigan. It has always been a thrill to see some of my images published. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an ad I saw on a small phone screen while scrolling on social media, the cover of a magazine or on a giant billboard. I am a dreamer, explorer and creator—but, the best part is I’m just getting started! 


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